SATURDAY, JUNE 9th, 2018


16.30-18.00 Registration
18.00-18.30 Opening ceremony
Elena Gaginskaya (Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)
Valentina Kuznetsova (Comparative Cytogenetics, editor-en-chief)
W. Allan King (Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Canada) “Professor Ingemar Gustavsson: Scientist, Colleague, Mentor and Friend”
18.30-20.50 Plenary session


Chairpersons: Elena Gaginskaya, Valerie Fillon


18.30-19.05 Lecture. Joseph Gall (Carnegie Institution, USA) “Giant Chromosomes and Deep Sequences: What the amphibian egg tells us about transcription”
19.05-19.40 Lecture. Stephen O’Brien (St. Petersburg State University, Russia; Oceanographic Center, Nova Southeastern University, USA) “A Moving Landscape of Comparative Genomics in Mammals”
19.40-20.15 Lecture. Leopoldo Iannuzzi (Institute for Animal Production Systems in Mediterranean Environments, National Research Council of Italy, Italia) “Chromosome Abnormalities in Domestic Bovids: a review”
20.15-20.50 Lecture. Irina Solovei (Ludwig-Maximilians-University München, Germany) “Viewing nuclear architecture through the eyes of nocturnal mammals”
21.00 Welcome reception



SUNDAY, JUNE 10th, 2018


08.00-08.45 Posters and sponsor exhibitions setup


08.45-11.30 Session 1 – Evolutionary and comparative cytogenetics


Chairpersons: Stephen O’Brien, Denis Larkin


08.45-09.20 Lecture. Malcolm Ferguson-Smith (Cambridge University Department of Veterinary Medicine, UK) “Chromosome-specific sequencing in comparative genomics”
09.20-09.55 Lecture. Thomas Liehr (Institute of Human Genetics, University Clinic Jena, Germany) “Molecular cytogenetics in Zoo-FISH-studies – still urgently needed”
09.55-10.30 Lecture. Vladimir Trifonov (Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Novosibirsk State University, Russia) “Evolutionary sex chromosome translocations in amniotes”
10.30-10.45 Rebecca E. O’Connor (Canterbury, United Kingdom), M. Farré, L. Kiazim, R. Jennings, J. Damas, D.M. Larkin, D.K. Griffin “Comparative genomics through the development of universal cross-species BAC sets”
10.45-11.00 Violetta Beklemisheva (Novosibirsk, Russia), P.L. Perelman, N.A. Lemskaya, A.I. Kulemzina, A.A. Proskuryakova, V.N. Burkanov, S.J.O’Brien, A.S. Graphodatsky “Pinniped karyotype evolution substantiated by comparative chromosome painting of 10 pinniped species (Pinnipedia, Carnivora)”
11.00-11.15 Anastasia Proskuryakova (Novosibirsk, Russia), A. Kulemzina, P. Perelman, N. Lemskaya, V. Beklemisheva, D. Larkin, A. Kukekova, O. Ryder, S. O’Brien, A. Graphodatsky “X chromosome evolution in Cetartiodactyla”
11.15-11.30 Olga Mikhailova (Moscow, Russia), T. Kuri, S. Tang Ryan Kemp, S. Tang, E. Becket, L. Jia, M. Van Eden, S. Forman, E. Kircher, J. Sherman, L. Basillio, M. Thai, S. Wong, M. Mager “Improving the Accuracy and Reproducibility of Microbiome Measurements Using Next-Generation Sequencing Technology Across Labs”
11.30-12.00 Poster and Sponsor Exhibitions
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-22.00 Tour to Saint-Petersburg



MONDAY, JUNE 11th, 2018


08.45-10.40 Session 2 – Cytogenetics and genomics of domestic animals


Chairpersons: Leopoldo Iannuzzi, Martine Bouissou-Matet Yerle


08.45-09.20 Lecture. W. Allan King (Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Canada) “Copy Number Variations in Cattle and Pigs: Aging and Reproduction”
09.20-09.55 Lecture. Denis Larkin (Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS, Russia; Royal Veterinary College, University of London, UK) “Whole genome genotyping and sequencing reveal history and signatures of adaptations in genomes of Russian native cattle breeds”
09.55-10.10 M. Marti Marimon, N. Villa Vialaneix, V. Voillet, M. Yerle-Bouissou, L. Liaubet, Yvette Lahbib-Mansais (Toulouse, France) “An innovative method of gene co expression network inference reveals significant biological processes involved in fetal porcine muscle development”
10.10-10.25 Alfredo Pauciullo (Grugliasco (To), Italy), G. Erhardt, L. Di Stasio, I. Wiedemann, C. Knorr “Assessment of DNA damage in a rare case of ewe-buck hybrid using the Comet assay”
10.25-10.40 Darja Krylova (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) “Routine diagnostics in companion animals by digital PCR”
10.40-11.15 Coffee break. Poster and Sponsor exhibitions


11.15-12.35 Session 3 – Cytogenetics of meiotic cells


Chairpersons: Elena Mikhailova, Alain Pinton


11.15-11.50 Lecture. María Inés Pigozzi (INBIOMED, Argentina) “Contributions of synaptonemal complex studies to avian cytogenetics”
11.50-12.05 Alessandra Iannuzzi (Naples, Italy), C. Di Dio, A. Perucatti, A. Caputi Janbrenghi, V. Longobardi, A. Pauciullo, P. Parma, L. Iannuzzi “Upgrade sperm FISH analysis of meiotic segregation in a river buffalo bull carrier a rob(1p;18)”
12.05-12.20 Avrora Ruiz-Herrera (Barcelona, Spain), L. Capilla, C. Vara, G. Albert-Lizandra, J.B. Searle, J. Ventura “The plasticity of meiotic recombination and its implications for mammalian genome evolution”
12.20-12.35 Konrad Ocalewicz (Gdansk, Poland), S. Dobosz, K. Jagiełło, M. Polonis “Interspecies gynogenesis – a way to avoid contamination with radiation induced paternal chromosome fragments?”
12.35-13.00 Photo
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.00 Poster and Sponsor Exhibitions


15.00-16.25 Session 4 – Alphabetical cytogenetics: B-, X-, Y-, W-, Z-etc. chromosome analysis


Chairpersons: Vladimir Trifonov, Alfredo Pauciullo


15.00-15.35 Lecture. Daniel Winston Bellott (Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) “Dosage-sensitive regulators are preferentially retained on vertebrate Y and W chromosomes”
15.35-16.10 Lecture. Frantisek Marec (Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre CAS, Czech Republic) “Evolution of W and Z sex chromosomes in moths and butterflies”
16.10-16.25 Cesar Martins (Botucatu, Brazil), R.T. Nakajima, B.E. Fantinnati, D.F. Marques, N.B. Venturelli, M. Jehangir, E. Ramos, J. Oliveira, S.F. Ahmad, L.A. Bovolenta, A.L. Cardoso, G.T. Valente “B chromosomes in the light of functional analyses”
16.25-17.00 Coffee break. Poster and Sponsor exhibitions


17.00-18.00 Session 5 – Clinical cytogenetics


Chairpersons: Darren Griffin, Irina Trofimova


17.00-17.30 Igor Lebedev (Tomsk, Russia) “Reciprocal Copy Number Variations and new chromosomal diseases”
17.30-17.45 Maria E. Lopatkina (Tomsk, Russia), V.S. Fishman, M.M. Gridina, N.A. Skryabin, T.V. Nikitina, A.A. Kashevarova, L.P. Nazarenko, O.L. Serov, I.N. Lebedev “Patterns of gene expression in neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem cells of patients with reciprocal 3p26.3 microdeletion and microduplication”
17.45-18.00 Stanislav A. Vasilyev (Tomsk, Russia), N.A. Skryabin, R.R. Savchenko, E.N. Tolmacheva, A.A. Kashevarova, L.P. Nazarenko, E.O. Belyaeva, I.N. Lebedev “DNA methylation in inherited copy number variations with incomplete penetrance”
18.00-18.20 Anastasia Ilina (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) “Dosing devices as one of the most important factors of laboratory research quality”
19.30 Conference dinner
Restaurant “Klassik”, Peterhof, Avrova street, 2a



TUESDAY, JUNE 12th, 2018


08.45-10.25 Session 6 – Karyotyping and genomics of vertebrate and invertebrate animals


Chairpersons: Konrad Ocalewicz, Frantisek Marec


08.45-09.20 Lecture. Darren Griffin (University of Kent, UK) “Jurassic Spark: Mapping the genomes of birds and other dinosaurs”
09.20-09.55 Lecture. Marek Switonski (Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland) “Cytogenetics and molecular background of mammalian disorders of sex development”
09.55-10.10 Vladimir E. Gokhman (Moscow, Russia), Valentina G. Kuznetsova “Phylogenetic distribution of the canonical insect TTAGG telomeric repeat within the order Hymenoptera (Insecta)”
10.10-10.25 Maria Vishnevskaya (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), V.A. Lukhtanov, A.V. Dantchenko, A.F. Saifitdinova “Combined analysis of chromosomal and molecular markers reveals cryptic species: karyosystematics of the Agrodiaetus blue butterflies”
10.25-11.25 Poster session: presentation and discussion


Chairpersons: Allan King, Ioana Nicolae, Susanna Salvadori


Brief presentation of 10 selected posters (5 min each)


11.25-12.00 Coffee break. Poster and Sponsor exhibitions


12.00-12.50 Session 7 – Chromatin studies


Chairpersons: Aurora Ruiz-Herrera, Daniel Villagomez Zavala


12.00-12.35 Lecture. Andreas Houben (Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Germany) “Biology and structure of holocentric chromosomes”
12.35-12.50 Alsu F. Saifitdinova (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) “Breakthrough in understanding the phenomenon of lampbrush chromosomes”
12.50-13.15 Poster Awards, Concluding remarks and next meeting
Poster Award Committee, Alsu Saifitdinova, Svetlana Galkina, Leopoldo Iannuzzi
13.15-14.30 Lunch
14.30 End of the meeting





June 9th, Saturday, 21.00 Welcome reception
June 10th, Sunday, 13.00-22.00 Excursion to Saint-Petersburg
June 11th, Monday, 09.00-13.00 Half day guided tour to Kronstadt
19.30 Conference dinner in the restaurant “Klassik”


Tour to Saint-Petersburg includes:

guided tour in the Peterhof Lower Gardens, hydrofoil to Saint-Petersburg, guided walking tour in the city center, return to Peterhof by bus.