Dear participants of ICACG 2018!


We are glad to inform you that our gala dinner will be held on June 11 in restaurant “Klassik” which is located in a historic place known as the Imperial stables.



The Imperial stables in Peterhof are outstanding creation of the great Russian architect Nicholas Benois. It was being constructed since 1845 till 1855 and finally resembled more a royal medieval castle. The long stable building is created in the Gothic style with high arched windows, crenellated walls and 9 towers making the whole building looks really grand. Apart from places for 328 horses there were equestrian agency, storerooms, forge, veterinary clinic, hayloft and living quarters for staff. According the Benois’ project the worker could get to any place of the complex in the shortest time. There were all
facilities not only for people but for animals too. To train the horses a huge indoor arena was built where the Emperor sitting in a special lodge can overwatch everything and give instructions.



Address of the restaurant “Klassik”: Peterhof, Avrova street, 2a